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David W. Arnold



Hello there, I’m a computer science graduate with a first-class honours degree from the University of Kent. I’m eager to learn new skills and take on a role where I can contribute to solving real-world projects. I am highly motivated, organised, reliable and work well both independently and as part of a team.

Quantum Cryptography: Security for the Post-Quantum world

As part of my final year of university, I undertook a research project titled "Quantum Cryptography: Security for the Post-Quantum world". This project set out to survey the field of quantum cryptography, providing a basic insight into various aspects of quantum cryptography - all of which could be very important regarding our online security in the future! Aimed at computer scientists and people in industry concerned with security.

About Me

Before I became a computer scientist, I was a golfer. Growing up my grandfather lived near a golf club and bought me my first set of golf clubs for my 7th birthday. By the age of 19, I had brought my golfing handicap down from 28 to -1. Over the years I represented Kent County Golf Union in various fixtures for their various teams: Kent Under 13's, Under 14's, Under 16's (Captain), Under 18's.

In January 2016, I relinquished my amateur status and turned professional (aged 19) joining the EuroPro UK Golf Tour for the 2016 season. In August 2016, I hung up my golf clubs to turn my attention to undergraduate study in Computer Science at the University of Kent. Golf remains a passion of mine, and will remain a lifetime hobby.

Motorsport is a strong passion of mine. I have a broad knowledge of various disciplines of motor racing, and I enjoy learning of new technological developments to make cars faster, safer and more efficient at speed. I enjoy the thrill of driving on track, having invested in multiple track day sessions with tuition from professional racing drivers to better my skill set.

Running used to be a big part of my regular training routine for golf. When I can I find it helps take things off ones mind and keep the body healthy. I participated in a half marathon in September 2016 and hope to do more half and full marathons in the future. I especially enjoy long runs along the coast.